The most complex organ of the human body is its brain. Our brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and blood to function properly. But once, there is a disruption in the supply of blood to the brain cells, it leads to a lack of oxygen and glucose in the brain that causes brain death within a couple of minutes.

Brain stroke which is also known as stroke or cerebrovascular accident is a medical condition in which blood supply to a portion of the brain ceases or decreases and due to the severe interruption in the blood supply the brain cells start dying quickly because of the lack of oxygen and vital nutrients creating a medical emergency. The inability of neurons to regenerate causes permanent damage or irreversible consequences. It (stroke) can also be said a blood vessel disorder in the brain.

A brain stroke can happen suddenly or without warning. There are 1 million people in India who have brain strokes every year. Brain stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the USA. The two main reasons behind having a stroke are-

  • Tearing or rupturing of a blood vessel, leading to bleeding in and around the brain
  • The second reason is the blood clot that blocks the artery in and around the brain.

Both the conditions cause damage to the brain as they do not let oxygen and other nutrients reach the brain cells. If the person doesn’t get timely medical attention in a brain stroke, then that person can suffer severe consequences or may die because of the stroke. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Stroke requires immediate medical attention to save the person from facing any serious consequences. In a serious condition like this, it is important to only take the services and advice of the best medical practitioner before doing anything and Dr. Shailesh Jain is the best doctor for brain stroke in Pitampura. He is one of the Best Neurosurgeon in Pitampura without any doubt. And in a situation like a brain stroke in which every single second matters for the patient it’s best to go to the top Neurosurgeon without wasting any more time because the sooner they get the treatment the better its result will be for them.

But how do you identify whether you are having a stroke or not? Women are more at risk of experiencing a stroke as compared to men. Here are a few general symptoms of a stroke that are found in both men and women both.

Symptoms of Brain Stroke:

The symptoms of a stroke occur in the body parts that are controlled by the damaged areas of the brain, which is why these symptoms can vary depending on the damaged part of the brain in different people. Knowing the symptoms of the stroke will help you identify it quickly and to take necessary actions.

  • Paralysis in one side of the body or face
  • Weakness or numbness in the arm, leg, or face, especially on one side of the body
  • Slurred speech or trouble in speaking or understanding the speech
  • Confusing
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Vision problems such as blurred or double vision in one or both of the eyes, vision blackened
  • Loss of coordination or balance
  • Sudden and severe headache
  • Dizziness

As mentioned earlier, women have a higher lifetime risk of having a stroke as compared to men. There are few symptoms that are most commonly found in women:

  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain and weaknesses
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Disorientation or sudden changes in behaviour like increase in agitation, etc.

These symptoms are not very common in men. Since women are more at risk of having a stroke than men, their risk of dying from stroke also increases, that’s why it is important to identify brain stroke as soon as possible to get its treatment started. So you may check the Best Brain Stroke Specialists in Delhi and choose the best one for your treatment.

Causes of Brain Stroke:

The cause of stroke depends on the type of stroke the person is having. There are mainly three types of stroke hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke, and transient ischemic attack(TIA). The TIA is caused by a temporary blockage in the artery (basically a blood clot) that leads to the brain. Similarly, ischemic stroke is also caused by a blood clot, or it can also be caused by atherosclerosis, in this condition a fatty substance builds upon the walls of blood vessels. But a hemorrhagic stroke is caused by a leaking blood vessel. In this condition, the blood seeps around the brain tissues that causes pressure, and leads to brain damage.

Risk factors for Brain Stroke And How to prevent it:

Although the brain stroke is caused due to interrupted supply of blood to the brain, there are few risk factors that you can avoid preventing brain stroke from happening as prevention is always better than cure. Then, why not prevent it from happening in the first place rather than running to the neurologist to reduce the repercussions. These few factors make you more susceptible to stroke, especially in women. Minimizing these risk factors will reduce your chances of having a stroke. Factors include:

  • The first factor that increases your chances of having a stroke is an unhealthy diet, especially a diet that has salt, cholesterol, saturated fats, etc. in high quantity.
  • Lack of physical activity, not doing exercise, and being inactive at most parts of the day also leads to stroke
  • Chronic alcoholism, high intake of alcohol is harmful to both men and women as it heads to high blood pressure and becomes one of the factors that increases your chances of having a stroke
  • Eating Tobacco damages your blood vessels and heart and hence leading to stroke.

Apart from these factors, there are few personal risk factors that can’t be controlled like family history, gender, age, race, and ethnicity, these factors contribute to the risk of having a brain stroke, for instance, older people are more prone to strokes than younger ones. Apart from these things, your health history can also become the reason for having a stroke as some medical conditions are linked to stroke. But to know clearly about your risk factors, consult your doctor. Dr. Shailesh Jain is the best doctor for stroke intervention in Pitampura, he has more than 15 years of experience in treating patients, consult him for any neurological disorder.

How to prevent stroke? As of now, you must have understood that most of the risk factors arise due to a poor lifestyle, so the simplest and easiest way to prevent a stroke is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few steps that you can take to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Quit smoking as soon as you can. I know it’s easier said than done, but start from today itself, and soon you will surely be able to overcome your habit of smoking.
  • Start exciting daily. According to research, an average adult should do 2.5 hours of cardio workout every week. Excising has ‘n’ number of health benefits. Even walking for an hour every day will help.
  • Eat healthy foods like seasonal fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and avoid junk and food that is high in cholesterol.
  • Keep your weight in control. Obesity also causes a stroke. Avoid oily food.
  • If you drink alcohol, try to consume it in moderation, don’t drink alcohol in excessive amounts.

By following these steps, you can reduce your chances of having a stroke. And live a healthy life but don’t forget to go for regular health check-ups and stay in touch with your doctor because these steps only minimize the risk they, don’t eliminate the disease.

How to distinguish it from Migraine?

A sudden severe headache is a sign of stroke, but people also face severe headaches in migraines, it becomes difficult to identify whether the headache is caused by stroke or migraine. Even though there are few symptoms that are the same in both the condition, one thing that differentiates the two is the onset of symptoms for instance, in stroke the symptoms usually occur suddenly but in migraines, they occur gradually. In migraines, the headache is small in the beginning and gets more painful later on, but in Stoke, the headache is severe from the start itself. Both migraine and stroke are very common neurological conditions, but they differ from each other in few aspects.

A stroke is a serious medical emergency, but a migraine is a chronic medical condition, that can occur several times in a month. A stroke can be fatal, but an episode of migraine does not cause death or long-term effects on health. A stroke is a cardiovascular disease, but a migraine is not.

These factors definitely tell the difference between the two, but it’s best to visit your neurosurgeon and get it diagnosed rather than jumping to any conclusion on your own. Dr. Shailesh Jain is the best doctor for migraines and the best doctor for headaches in Pitampura, so if you’re facing any neurological disorders visit his clinic and get your treatment started promptly, as he is the best neurosurgeon you can find in Delhi.