About Dr. Shailesh Jain

Dr. Shailesh Jain is a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Arihant Neurospine Clinic in North Delhi. He is a highly recognized and widely commended neurosurgeon in Delhi in the field of modern spine surgeries today. His unparallel expertise in managing spine problems and disorders makes him the best neurosurgeon In Delhi NCR.

Hydrocephalus – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Hydrocephalus is a medical condition that affects the brain and can be potentially life-threatening if left untreated. The term "hydrocephalus" refers to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) in the brain, which can cause pressure and damage to brain tissue. CSF is a clear fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, providing cushioning and nutrients [...]

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Learning Disabilities – Signs and Symptoms


A neurological condition known as a learning disability affects the brain's capacity to send, receive, and process information. A child with a learning disability might struggle with comprehension in general as well as with reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematical concepts. The symptoms of learning disabilities vary greatly from child to child. While one [...]

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Kyphosis – Symptoms , Causes and Treatment


Excessive forward rounding of the upper back is known as kyphosis. Kyphosis in older people is frequently brought on by the spinal bones' weakness, which leads to their compression or cracking. Poor posture in childhood, abnormally shaped vertebrae, or issues with the spine's development can all contribute to kyphosis. The most frequent procedure is spinal [...]

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10 Best Traumatic Brain Injury Doctors/Specialist in Delhi NCR


The most common cause of Traumatic Brain Injury is a severe blow or jolt to the head or body. Traumatic Brain Injury can also result from an object passing through brain tissue, such as a bullet or a shattered piece of the skull. Your brain cells may suffer a brief effect from mild traumatic [...]

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10 Best Spinal Surgery Doctor/Specialist in Delhi NCR


Spinal fusion is a surgery that joins two or more vertebrae together. This prevents any movement between the fused vertebrae and can be performed at any level in the spine. If you're experiencing spine problems, you may want to visit the Best Spinal Surgery Specialist in Delhi. They can provide you with the treatment [...]

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10 Best Scoliosis Doctor/Specialist in Delhi NCR


Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves to the side. This can happen in the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar region. It is most often diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence. The curves in the spine help position the head over the pelvis. They also help distribute mechanical stress during movement. If you [...]

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Spinal Stenosis – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Your Spine is made up of a series of bones (vertebrae) that are separated by small, spongy discs. These discs protect the vertebrae and allow them to move freely. Over time, the discs can begin to degenerate, which can lead to a narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae. This condition is known as [...]

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10 Best Epilepsy Doctor/Specialist in Delhi NCR


You may be amazed that, Treatment of Epilepsy is completely possible these days.  If you are diagnosed, You should go and see your doctor at the earliest in order to avoid any further complications. For that, We have done deep research on the doctors and Best Epilepsy specialists in the Delhi region and we [...]

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10 Best Slip Disc Specialist/Doctor in Delhi NCR


A condition that refers to a problem with a rubbery disc between the spinal bones. This condition occurs when the soft center of a spinal disc pushes through a crack in the tougher exterior casing. Not every disc needs intervention. When required, treatment includes medication, physiotherapy, and possibly surgery. Can you overcome your Slip [...]

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10 Best Doctor/Specialist for Spine Injury in Delhi NCR


The incidence of Spinal Cord Injury is most distinguished among characters aged 16-30, in whom 53.1 percent of injuries occur, and added injuries happen in this age group than in all other age groups linked. Spinal cord injuries may occur from injury to the vertebrae, ligaments, or discs of the spinal column or to [...]

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